Family Photos in Denver’s Park Hill Neighborhood – Clara is 6 Months Old!

Ha! These next two blog posts make me seem like I’m baby Clara Ann’s personal photographer! Before our wedding season gets completely chaotic, I decided to take a road trip to see my cousin Molly and her baby Clara, who is now six months old! I know how much babies change in the first few years, and I just had to spend some time with this little zen baby before heading to New England for the summer. Molly and Zach have a lovely house in Denver’s historic Park Hill neighborhood, and making some family photos for them while I was visiting seemed like a great idea. I couldn’t believe how happy this baby is! After having two boys, I’m really thinking there might be something to that “boys are way more active” thing folks say. Clara hardly made a peep the whole weekend, and she smiles at everything! Although, she did express utter disdain at the idea of trying baby food for the first time… so she has her preferences.  :)  Can’t wait to see this sweet girl again in the fall!!


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