edited in duotone:

the original in color:






5 responses to “eyes”

  1. (Cat or Catherine or Kasia) Avatar
    (Cat or Catherine or Kasia)

    Oh wow…this picture and this girl take my breath away!

  2. focused Avatar

    Portrait taken at the right momment. Excellent expresion of the litlle girl!
    I also like the composition and the light you used.

  3. Zachary Siebert Avatar
    Zachary Siebert

    holy toledo! are those eyes real? could you take some pics of my niece for me?

  4. katie Avatar

    okay! with all of these comments, i felt like posting the original photo seemed appropriate. all i did was change the original color into a duotone version – bring in the levels, increase the contrast a little in curves, and dodge her eyes once with a 10% intensity setting. i think that her eyes pop so much in duotone because they are such a light blue. just a guess…

  5. Brooke Avatar

    thanks for looking. I ve only had my camera for about a month so keep stopping by every now and again…I have to get better hahaha..your stuff is stunning…so much detail I love it!

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