above thumb courtesy of aaron rosenblatt…

josh bickel demonstrates the difference between a cpoy loser and a winner…
to see more photos from cpoy click here.


It’s that time of the year again. They’re judging the College Photographer of the Year (CPOY) contest again at the University of Missouri in Columbia. I plan on trying to catch as much of the judging as possible, and will use this post to update what is going on in Tucker Forum!

1:00 pm – finished sports action category
3:00 pm – just finished first round of sports feature – going into second cuts.
4:15 pm – just finished sports feature category.
4:30 pm – just began spot news judging
5:45 pm – in final round of spot news
6:10 pm – break / getting ready to go into pictorial
6:40 pm – 300 pictorial down, 1000 to go! (still in first round)
8:40 pm – beginning second round of pictorial – first cuts (29 left)

11:00 am – still in first round of features – 400 down, 1000 to go, i think
2:24 pm – going through final placement of feature selects
3:55 pm – judges finally eating lunch / getting ready to go into second half of int’l stories
9:00 pm – finished with general news (sorry for the lack of updates, i’ve been pre-occupied!!)

10:00 am – working through domestic picture story category
3:15 pm – making final decisions on medals for dom. pic story… lots of discussion!
6:20 pm – going through all outs of doc. pic story to make sure judges didn’t miss anything…
6:21 pm – i miss my photoj. girls in tucker!!!!!! ;(


8:30 pm – finished final medals for individual audio slideshow
9:05 pm – beginning sports portfolio

i believe that today they’ll be judging portfolio in the morning, and video this afternoon. i have to go to another exotic animal assn. in st. louis all day, but hopefully i’ll have updates on saturday afternoon (portrait and illustration)… ;)


  1. look at the headless cow! you Americans are so competitive… No mercy for the loser, the winer takes it all. I don’t like that.

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