Newborn & Baby Portraits – Columbia, MO – Welcome Jack Bittle!

So, I promise not to fill up my photo blog with pictures of our own baby… but I hope these are at least really fun to look at, even if you aren’t one of the two proud parents of this new baby.  ;)  I’d love to photograph more newborn and baby portraits around Columbia… if anyone is looking for this type of ethereal and natural light photography, please get in touch with me via the contact tab above!

And I thought I’d include a couple outtakes of Max and I during the shoot…  ;)


4 responses to “Newborn & Baby Portraits – Columbia, MO – Welcome Jack Bittle!”

  1. Jeanne Barnes Avatar
    Jeanne Barnes

    He’s so cute. Can’t wait to see him and you and Max this weekend. Hurry home!!!!!

  2. Sheila Johnson Avatar
    Sheila Johnson

    these are beautiful! and tell your mom i love the felt mobile.

  3. Robin Dickinson Avatar
    Robin Dickinson

    Gorgeous! I too love the the pic from above Jack looking down his forehead at his eyelashes… Katie, you are so talented!
    Congrats to you and Max on your beautiful baby boy.

  4. martha Avatar

    Well I’m still in love with him, best to tell him now Katie, cannot lie. The pictures are delicate and gentle and totally you and Max. Did I mention I have experience in infant care?

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