car accident in pembroke…






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  1. Jeronimo Nisa Avatar

    Woah, the whole scene is lit almost like a movie set…
    Good coverage of a wreck in a very different way.

  2. Devin Greaney Avatar

    Found your blog via Ross Taylor’s blog ( funny how we find things in cyberspace, right?). Must ask.. how was the first accident lighted? I see the dome light, but what about the responders?

    Concord Monitor has some incredible talent for being such a small paper.. not the first one to say that, nor will I be the last but you do so much !!

  3. admin Avatar

    hey devin,
    thanks for the compliments on the monitor’s photo staff! we’re pretty lucky to have some talented folks on our team for sure. to answer your question, this is all the same accident. so, in that first photo, the blue light is coming from the police car emergency lights, and the responders are being lit by, i think, those four huge spotlights that the police had set up. ;)

  4. Devin Greaney Avatar

    Thanks.. I am a full-time EMT and part time freelance writer/photographer and always wanted to see how someone would look photographed under blue police or red ambulance light. Now I know!

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