6 thoughts on “bellingham ski to sea race”

  1. Katie,

    Welcome to Bellingham. You photos of the Ski to Sea race a very nice. I especially like the 1st one.

    If you would have interest in posting a message on our blog along with some photos of your work as a means of getting the word out about who you are & your business, I'd be happy to post it to our blog. Ore blog has multitudinous viewers that may enjoy your work & give you a call as potential customers.

    Just a thought – Rich Johnson

  2. August Kryger

    Some killer shots all around. Not sure which ones are my faves, I like the variety.

  3. this is an awesome post. gotta love slightly obscure sporting events to shoot action in a new setting. and emily- i like that shot too, but i know why. its because i love doughnuts.

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