attempting to illustrate frost heaves…

i had to photograph “frost heaves” (bumps in the pavement due to freezing weather) for the paper… i didn’t want to photograph the obvious (and boring) uneven pavement, and i thought my future car mechanic’s bill for new struts would be ego-centric… so i tried to create a frost heave EKG with a long exposure and car lights… we ended up running the last shot.

4 thoughts on “attempting to illustrate frost heaves…”

  1. Nice approach to an awful topic. By the time I got to the 4th photo I was definitely asking myself "OK, so what is a 'Frost Heave??'" And the headlights really show it. btw, potholes in MN are the worst they've been in about 30 years, bad driving all over right now.

  2. excellenty conceived and illustrated, Katie. very good stuff! (and bonus, they seem to have gone down considerably in the past few weeks)

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