4 thoughts on “alabama hill…”

  1. I like it.

    Did you force the saturation? You start to get contouring on the sky it’s ok on the screen but becomes very ugly when printed big. Any idea on how to avoid it?

  2. Have you been to Alabama and didn’t let me know?
    Bad, bad, bad.

    Another thing… Why should I change my blog’s name? Although I’m no longer at Mizzou, I still think it’s a picture journal, isn’t it?

    Anyway, any suggestions for a new name?

  3. hey treehugger – i didn’t ‘force the saturation’, although, it does look way oversaturated on my pc at work, versus my macbook at home. hmmmm. i did shoot it at twilight and i brought in my levels to the bell edges in photoshop… not sure what’s going on when it’s printed. which speaking of, are you making prints of my work?

  4. Oops, from my coment looks like I printed your file. I’m sorry I was refering to the sky from a pic I took. I wanted to force my image in photoshop but contouring was apearing so I adjusted it to a level were I could see it but it was still not ugly. When I printed it the contouring became more visible.

    I guess in your picture when you adjusted levels levels with phshp you brought the defect into your image.

    If I ever use one of your images, besides waching them on your blog, I will ask you before.

    It’s true that I use a pc, but I have my screen calibrated with one of those ‘eye-one’.

    And by the way sorry for answering so late I have tones of urgent work and no time.

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