a beautiful wedding in waitsfield, vermont…

i know i don’t usually post our wedding work here, but this wedding was just too amazing not to show you!  chayah and mike were married in waitsfield, vermont at the lareau farm inn, and it was STUNNING!  there were too many gorgeous hand-made details to mention, but if you want to see them for yourself, please check out the dreamlove blog post at:  dreamlove.com/blog






4 responses to “a beautiful wedding in waitsfield, vermont…”

  1. August Kryger Avatar

    LOVE the shoot, awesome job. Looks like a fun/beautiful time!

  2. Chayah Avatar

    No one ever told us how wide to make our aisle… our walk up and down it was rather cozy. Someday Mike and I will have the chance to warn our children.

  3. Amy Higgins Avatar
    Amy Higgins


    Wow, woman, your work is amazing! Destined for greatness indeed.


  4. Emily Zoladz Avatar

    Katie, I was looking through all of these on DreamLove and what a fabulous wedding! You must have been salivating over how visually breath taking everything was.

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